How east coast iv can help you


Health and Beauty

  • Beauty from the inside out!  Our weekly beauty regiment with IV Glutathione will have your skin hydrated and glowing!  Add Biotin to your regiment (Vitamin B7 for stronger nails, hair and skin)

Migraine headaches

  • Every 10 Seconds, someone in the U.S goes to the ER for a migraine
  • The average price of an ER visit is $1,500
  • The average time spent in an ER is over 6 hours
  • East Coast IV will save you time and money by not making a trip to the ER


  • It is estimated that hangovers cost employers 148 billion annually in work loss and job performance
  • Headaches induced by hangovers are caused by dehydration
  • An East Coast IV infusion will address dehydration, nausea, inflammation and heart burn

Bachelor/Bachelorette/Wedding Parties

  • Feel your best and keep the weekend going with East Coast IV
  • Group discounts!!!  Free IV to the bachelor/bachelorette if over 5 IV's

Athletic events

  • Give yourself a competitive edge!  An East Coast IV is great before or after a strenuous even.  An East Coast IV will replenish fluids, electrolytes, essential vitamins and minerals.