The benefits of B-Complex

B-Complex is a compounded solution that contains multiple B Vitamins.  B-Complex can be found in the East Coast Beauty treatment, the East Coast Myers treatment, the banana bag option or as an add on to any other treatment.  Our B-Complex is acquired from an FDA approved 503b sterile compounding pharmacy and contains the following:


  • B1 (thiamine): Thiamine plays an essential role in metabolism by helping convert nutrients into energy. 
  • B2 (riboflavin): Riboflavin helps convert food into energy and also acts as an antioxidant. 
  • B3 (niacin): Niacin plays a role in cellular signaling, metabolism and DNA production and repair. 
  • B5 (pantothenic acid): Like other B vitamins, pantothenic acid helps your body obtain energy from food and is also involved in hormone and cholesterol production. 
  • B6 (pyridoxine): Pyridoxine is involved in amino acid metabolism, red blood cell production and the creation of neurotransmitters.